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Workshops are normally held at the Reddings Community Centre, Cheltenham. Information about this venue, and its location, can be found HERE.

Photographs of previous workshops, and other events, can be accessed from the links below:


  October  10th  2015 Linda Rudkin

'Sculpting 3D Pieces from Silk Fibres' 

  November  14th  2015  Alison Hulme

'Printing and Beyond' 

 August   4th  2015 Sue Rangeley

'Petal Power' 

 September  12th  2015 Margaret Beal

'More Fusing' 

June  10th  2015 Fay Maxwell


 July  11th  2015 Yvonne Brown

'Medieval Magic'' 

 February  14th  2015 Bobby Britnell

'Gardens of Glorious Golden Flowers' 

 March  14th  2015 AbbieAnne Searle

'Pile and Plunder: Machine Reverse Applique' 


 November Sat 8th  2014 Angie Hughes

'A Bowl for Christmas' 

  August Sat 9th  2014 Louise Watson

'Printing and Stitch' 

  September Sat 6th  2014 Isobel Hall

'Medieval Book Cover' 

 May Sat 10th  2014 Jan Beaney

'Soluble Fabric Landscapes' 

 July Sat 12th  2014 Linda Rudkin

'Flower Pounding' 

March Sat 8th  2014 Cathy Beach

'Dyeing in a Day"' 

 April Sat 12th  2014 Jan Tillett

'Shimmering Leaves' 

 January Sat 11th  2014 Jan Evans

'Sun, Moon and Stars' 

 February Sat 8th  2014 Sue Davies

'Easter Chickens' 


 November Sat 9th  2013

'A New Starting Point' 

   October Sat 12th  2013

'Sculptured Stitch' 

   July Sat 13th  2013

'Delicate paper lace'

   April Sat 13th  2013

'Textile earrings and pendants'

   March Sat 19th  2013

'Folded Secrets'

 January Sat 12th  2013

'Cotswold Branch Banner Preparation'

 February Sat 9th  2013

'Shimmering Landscapes' with Angie Hughes



 November Sat 10th  2012

' Embellishing Angels'  with Annette Emms

 February Sat 11th  2012 (no link)

' Shabori Influence''  with Sara Chandler

 May Sat 12th 2012

' Pastimes' with Janet Humphrey





 June Sat 11th 2011

' Felt Embellished Landscapes'  with Penny Turnbull

 February Sat 12th 2011

' Socialise and Sew'

 April Sat 9th 2011

' A Garden Journey'  with Jan Evans


September 30 to 2 October 2009

 3-day Workshop
‘Machine Embroidery’  with Alison Holt

September Sat 19th 2009

'Create 3 Dimensional Insects' with 

 July Sat 11th 2009

' Brooches and Bracelets ' with Carol Coleman

 May Sat 9th 2009

' Thermofax Screen Printing ' with Lyn Griffiths

 January Sat 20th 2009

' Free machine quilting ' with Di Wells

 March Sat 14th 2009

' Think Outside the Box ' with Linda Marie Young


 November Sat 8th 2008

' Crewel and Unusual ' with FAY MAXWELL

  July Sat 12th 2008

'Cold Water Dying on Cotton and Silk' with JUDITH GUSSIN

 October Sat 11th 2008

' The Striking Contrasts of Black and White ' with  SIAN MARTIN

  June  Sat 14th 2008

'Silken Papers and Beyond' with SARAH LAWRENCE

  May  Sat Sun 10th  11th 2008

'Double Trouble in the Cotswolds' with JAN BEANEY and JEAN LITTLEJOHN

  April  Sat 12th 2008

'Felt Bags and Vessels' with MARIETTA ALKER

  March  Sat 8th 2008

'Design Play Day' with DAWN PARSONS

  February  Sat 9th 2008

'Mail Art' with ANNA NOWICKI

  January  Sat 12th 2008

'Landscape Techniques' with ALISON HOLT


  November  Sat 10th 2007

'Inspiration from Icons' with PAMELA SMITH

  September  Sat 8th 2007

'Making and decorating handmade books' with FRANCIS PICKERING

  June  Sat 9th 2007

'Hand Embroidery' with JANE DAVIES

  January  Sat 13th 2007

'Print and stitch Golden Motifs' with LOUISE WATSON

  May  Sat 12th 2007

'Mixed Media Workshop' with ANGIE HUGHES


November Sat 11th 2006
‘Burning Issues" with MARGARET BEALE
  July Sat 1st 2006
‘Go for Gold - The Metallic Tale’ with VIV ARTHUR from Art Van Go
  June Mon 26th 2006
‘Inspired by Klimt’ with ANGIE HUGHES
  June Sat 10th 2006
‘Layers of Stitch / Mixed Media Medley’ with 
   May Sat 13th 2006
‘Fabulous Beasts, Birds and Butterflies’ with 
   April Sat 8th 2006
‘Patterns, Signs and Symbols’ with JAN EVANS
   March Sat-Sun 11-12th 2006
‘Surface and Stitch with Print and Dye’ with 
   February Sat 25th 2006
‘Making Silk Papers’ with HELEN CRAWFORD
   January Sat 14th 2006
‘Making Fairy Shoes’ with ANNETTE EMMS

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